~ Delightful, Uplifting, Satisfying Sweet Romance ~
LaVerne St. George
Award-winning Author
No Greater Love
"No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." ~John 15:13. 

An inspirational romance set on Lake Superior in 1882
~An Unexpected Attraction

Standing on the lake shore at Plovers Point, Phoebe Tyler fights the urge to climb back into the jolly boat and demand passage home. She reminds herself she's here to help her cousin recover from the loss of a baby. Phoebe will endure anything for Sarah, even this primitive, isolated Life-Saving Station. She will stay a month, just as she promised, no longer. Then she'll return to her home in lower Michigan, city life and the successful businessman eager to marry her.

​Separated from his family when he was a child, Marcus Hamilton revels in the sense of belonging he's gained as part of the station's rescue crew. He prays he'll find a good woman like Sarah, the station Keeper's wife, to share his life. Given the arduous daily routine punctuated by life-and-death rescues, meeting eligible women is a challenge. Now Sarah's cousin, that Phoebe, is certainly a good-looking woman. Perhaps this is whom God has sent him. But a city lady? More likely Miss Tyler is a sign of a divine sense of humor at work.

As determined as Phoebe is, station life is a struggle. She had come to Plovers Point to raise Sarah's spirits, but finds that her own spirits falter under the demanding tasks. Unexpected support comes from Mr. Hamilton, the Number one surfman, one of the "storm warriors". His kindness and strength appeal to her, and his confidence and faith rock Phoebe's view of the world and her place in it. When circumstances stretch Phoebe's visit beyond the planned month, the warm community, the opportunity to share in God's service, and the handsome surfman begin to work a change within her. 

Which life should she choose? The life of privilege to which she was born, or a life to which she is called, in which she would be privileged to serve? 

​First in a series of books of the US Life-Saving Service.

"The Life Line" 1884 by Winslow Homer 
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)